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White, disabled, and genderqueer, Eli Clare lives near Lake Champlain in occupied Abenaki territory (also known as Vermont) where he writes and proudly claims a penchant for rabble-rousing. He has written two books of essays, the award-winning Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure and Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation, and a collection of poetry, The Marrow's Telling: Words in Motion. He also has been published in dozens of journals and anthologies. Eli works as a traveling poet, storyteller, and social justice educator. Since 2008, he has spoken, taught, and consulted (both in-person and remotely) at well over 150 conferences, community events, and colleges across the United States and Canada. He currently serves on the Community Advisory Board for the Disability Project at the Transgender Law Center and is also a Disability Futures Fellow (funded by the Ford Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation). Among other pursuits, he has walked across the United States for peace, coordinated a rape prevention program, and helped organize the first ever Queerness and Disability Conference.

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For a complete listing of his publications and where he has worked, see his CV as a downloadable PDF.

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Publicity Photo

Eli head shot on beach in front of driftwood

Photo description: Head shot of Eli standing on beach in front of driftwood.

For a high resolution copy, click on thumbnail photo to the left or go here. When using this photo, please credit Samuel Lurie. Feel free to crop as needed.

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Cover of Brilliant Imperfection

cover of Eli's book Brilliant Imperfection

Photo description: Cover of Eli's book Brilliant Imperfection. Image is of a pile of brown, gray and black stones with one green stone in the middle. On top of this image is the title of the book.

For a high resolution copy, click on thumbnail photo to the left or go here. Feel free to crop as needed.

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Riva Lehrer's Portrait of Eli

The banner on this website comes from a painting of Eli by Riva Lehrer. You're welcome to use this painting in publicity related to Eli's work. If you do so, credit Riva Lehrer. For a high resolution copy of the portrait, go to this page. For more information about the portrait, go to this page.

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