part of portrait of Eli by Riva Lehrer

The Buzz About Eli

What students, faculty, activists, and readers have to say about Eli’s work:

Eli Clare’s thoughtfulness and brilliance resonate through his multifaceted work as a writer, educator, and activist. His visit to Spelman College in 2006 was a highlight of our year. He visited classes, gave a wonderful talk, and held conversations with students and faculty that were truly paradigm-shifting. I know of many colleagues who have used his writing in their classes and been deeply moved by the responses; one colleague said of his essay “The Mountain,” “This should be required reading for all humanity.” He is an activist in the deepest sense of the term.

- Faculty at Spelman College

The poetry workshop with Eli was great! I really enjoyed all of his prompts and thought they were extremely helpful when it was time to write a poem. It was neat how much Eli got us thinking about the power of language.

- Undergraduate student at the University of Michigan

Eli Clare’s poetry and prose rushed through my heart and soul with the same intensity as the mighty Oregon rivers which feature so prominently in his work.

- a reader

I managed to scrounge together enough money to purchase Eli's latest book of poetry a week ago. I then took it with me to a students' union conference where I devoured it. Few people's words have touched and resonated within me the way Eli's have/do. Even though I'm way too broke to be spending money on books of poetry, The Marrow's Telling was worth so much more than what I spent.

- a reader

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