Marrow’s Telling is a Lammie finalist

The Marrow’s Telling is a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award in the transgender category. Embarrassingly, that’s been a goal of mine, to be a Lammie finalist. My sweetie took me out for the best celebratory dinner last night.

On a side note about the odd quirks of how self esteem works: The book was also nominated in the LGBT poetry category but didn’t make the finalists there. It was a much bigger, more competitive field, and my I-can’t-just-be-happy-and-assured brain wants to say, “But if the book was really good, it would have been a poetry finalist.” And I want to say to that brain, “Shut up!”

And finally, which books become Lammie finalists and which don’t has always puzzled me. This year in the trans category, neither Julia Serano’s book nor Helen Boyd’s made the cut. Both omissions make no sense.

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