Eli speaks into a microphone on a podium. A written quote: "Eli Clare makes new worlds out of raw truths & transcendent beauty, inviting us to imagine." - Alice Sheppard

What Eli Offers

A seasoned speaker, trainer, and facilitator with several decades of experience, Eli offers a variety of options either in-person or remotely, ranging from intimate workshops to large public lectures.

Eli’s most popular presentations weave together storytelling, critical analysis, visual images, and interactive exercises, inviting audiences to think and feel deeply.

Eli is a sought-after speaker and has keynoted professional meetings and grassroots gatherings, lectured in Women’s Studies classes and Disability Studies symposia.

Eli has educated and challenged student groups, campus departments, and community groups all over the U.S. and Canada with a wide variety of trainings and workshops.

Want to hear some of Eli’s poetry or creative nonfiction? He has done dozens of readings from his books, Brilliant Imperfection, Exile and Pride, and The Marrow’s Telling.

Eli has spoken, presented, led discussion, and read his work in many classes ranging from Women and Gender Studies to Industrial Design, Disability Theory to Social Work.

Watch and listen to some of Eli’s talks and poems.



Planning to host Eli? Here’s information to help you plan the logistics of his visit.

Banner photo by Mengwen Cao.